Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost aka an Obessography of South African indivuals who inspire me in the fashion world.

So as most of you guys may know if you have been scrolling down my blog you may have seen that I last posted last week Thursday. But the problem is that school is open and im still figuring out my schedule for blogging ,hope you enjoy this one!

Soooo again this weekly obessesography will be feautring Masego Maps Maphonyane . If you live anywhere in South Africa or Southern Africa you may know or have heard a glimpse of the name Maps. You know Woolworths hunk,Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Man In Madidba Land,Prensenter and Fashion Week Guru,just to name a few.

Now as you may know he is the son of football legend Marks Maphonyane. At first I thought that he’d go into football like his farther…you know “Like Farther Like Son”…uuugggh how I hate that expression. But anywho he decided to take a different route at the post age of college and ventured into “MODELLING”!

Some poeple might know him as the gorgeous actress’s, Nomzamo Mbatha who will be feautred in next week’s post,you might know him as her bae. But what I love about him is that he was able to pull away from the whole your famouse because of her scandal and was able to take his own shine.  But this is not a Gossip site so ssshhh! Maps is also one of the people or factors that influenced me to love the whole fashion world,be interested in modelling even though I couldn’t find a agency because they charge HIGH! And he also influenced me to always DRESS TO IMPRESS! Just look at that:

BYE guys and im sorry for being absent.

Inspirational Inspirational Thursday:Bonang Matheba

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another Obessography,featuring Queen B,BONANG MATHEBA. Hope you enjoy!

Look it is no secret that im uber-obessed with Bonang. She recently turned 30 last week,had a millionaire party,guest list completed with personality’s like Nomzamo M,Pearl M,Aka and many more. Dress created by the extravangt Gert Johan-Coetzee,had camera’s flashing every where…uuuggh I die!

Some of you may or may not know her know her and im surprised that many of my cusins don’t like her’I mean how can you not like Bonang? The women who came from nothing and turned her image into a million rand empire. But for some of you who just know her for “the girl constanly appearing on our screens”. She is a Social Media personality with over 5.4 million followers on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook, a personality,radio-host and now reality tv star!

She is constanly improving and growing #BrandBonang and looking good in everything she’s doing,whether walking down the run-way,shooting or hosting,she always holds the, Must Be That African Butter.

Coming to the reality show,Being Bonang. She recently started the show which launched last week Friday and it recieved very positive reviews. I didn’t watch it because were not in DStv Premiun but on Compact. My heart was so broken,but hey I’ll just see it next year when it comes to For those of you whoo watched,how was it? I’d be very interested to know.
What a love about her is how she’s sooooo Independant,I love women who don’t need men to pillar on. I hate when women say “But I need a man to be happy in life”. WTF? You came in this world alone,now why do you need someone else? If you feel as though otherwise don’t get mad because thats how I see things…whatever happened to Girls Run The World? This girl is running the world,how about you?

Anywho…I just wanted to share with another one of my Inspirations.

Photogenic as always.

Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost,Hope you enjoy.

So last week Wednesday I ask my cuosion to take some pictures of me in front of their beautifully grogeous grey wall. At first I thought that she wouldn’t agree and I thought that the photo’s wouldnt turn out sooo beautifully,but guesse what? Cairo was in the frame and it damn well had to turn out GOOOD!

But this is not going to be a long post as I just wanted to show you the pictures and cross my fingers that you like them.

Here they are:


  Mandela Day+Cairo Saint=SELFIES!

Hey guys its Cairo here with another special post,but this one is not just “another” but a special one to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day! So I hope you enjoy it.

Nelson Mandela was born on the 18’th of July (1918). He was a South African,Unti-Apartheid activist,who fought for Black people freedom around the world  but mainly in South Africa. He was the President of the ANC for 4-5 years and also of South Africa,in that time he was also a motivational speaker and a global icon ever-since,even after death in 2013 December. Thanks to my love of Social Sciences that I got to know this information…#YesWeCanTeachers!

Now I’ve known of #MandelaDay since I was 11 years old,so that 3 years.Hey im no Saint in all of this,to tell you the truth…I just thought that Mandela Day was just another day where in school where our break was longer than usual but I got to know why.

So I decided to celebrate #MandelaDay in a very “Extra” way. BY TAKING SELFIES!!! I know that some people will think that by me not doing voluntary work is wrong,but hey…your talking to Cairo Saint here. The Selfie addict!

Here are the pictures,some of them you’ve seen if you’ve checked my Instagram (@cairo_saint):


The photo’s were taken by my 6th eldest cousin,who is also a favourite and regular here ,Puleng Grace Magade. Maybe taking the phot’s were her way of doing voluntary work…Welcome To The New Age Everybody.

Hope this post was great and thank you for stopping by and reading this post…it means alot,really. Have a wonderful


#ttg:Tall Problems

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost.Hope you enjoy!

This is my first post on my new category: The Tall Guy. Being a tall person at a young was very hard for me. People always mistakened me for an adult in the group and asked me stupendiously hard and stupendiously stupid and dumb questions to answer. Like:

1.How old are you?

I know that it is very normal for people to ask for your age,but some people will ask in the beginning,middle,semi-end and end of the conversation. I mean that is 4 times! As a person and a naiive teenager, I was annoyed when you asked me the 2nd time.  This is not me being rude,but sometimes tall people have a filter for the “How old are you” question. And im sure some people can agree.

2.Why are you soo tall?

When someone asks me that question,my self-esteem drops from 100 to -10. My answer to that question is “Ooh I dont know…maybe the nurses streched me out because I was soo destined to be tall” Then I laugh at the end just to show that I’m not annoyed. Then sip my Coke and walk away, leaving the person wondering whether it’s true or not.

3.Are your parents also tall?

Now that question I don’t have a problem with…unless you ask it two times in a conversation,then we’ll have a problem. Im no Docctor or anything but if a person is tall then there is a 75-80% accuracy that their parents are tall so don’t go around asking people this question frequentley. I beg of you.

4.Are you sure those clothes will fit you?

Im a person that is open to judgement and self-perspective. But dont be asking that question with a sour face,  then you’ll see Rachett Cairo Saint. To me that question is legable for children under 11,not teenagers from 12 and up! I mean… why in the world would I choose clothes that don’t fit me?

5.That trend is not for tall people

Whoever creates trend don’t say that there only for tall people or only for a certain height or weight. I will wear whatever I want because honey, I bought them with my own money! Don’t come with your trend and pull a Vivica A. Fox! I will take you down.

This is now the end of the post,hope you enjoyed the post, I know here and there it was Rachett but I sometimes get annoyed talking about tall problems.

Bye guys…don’t forget to #ttg (instagram,facebook and twitter).


Hey guys its Cairo here,with another post. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Im sure that some of you guys thought that when I said “…Nikita”,yalls thought I got dressed and decided to write a post about Nikita, the wine or whiskey. I dont know which it is because Im underage for drinking and even if I was older, I wouldn’t drink it!

But I was talking about my 4’th eldest cousin, Nonkosi Nikita Ranstane Magadi,whom is a regulary model and personality here on Felfienet,im sure you’ve seen her a few times.

So moving on  to the post and leaving the explaining the title… My cousin and I decided to take photo’s but separtly though because we are superstars. LOL! Im David Beckham and she’s the more innocent version of Jlo.Again………………LOL!


To tell you the truth , I don’t know why she wore black,but she looked Gorgeous as always. Let me give you the run down,but this is not a accurate run-down,im just guessing. She wore a coat which she bought from Trouworths,the boots from Woolworths,the dress I don’t know where she bought it and also the leggings I don’t know either. And styled it with the Kendall Jenner inspired Red Lipstick,but not from Estee Lauder and not with the long hair,just from Revlon SA, the Bonang Matheba way.


      Because of Kim Kardashain and Kanye West, I have been obessed with large or ovver-sized shirts and hamps. So today I decided to wear mostly blue to represent that winter is almost over, PHEW! Im still amazed that how fast winter and autumn moved past us by,like a Ferrari going past a red light. And also why I wore mostly blue is because I was feeling sooooo under the weather. I hope you liked our looks.

This is my 3rd eldest cousin,she is the funnist of all the off-spring and I absolutely love HER! She’s a mix of Trevor Noah and a pinch of Tumi Morake.

You’ve seen my 4’th and 3’rd eldest cousin,what do you think of them? (comment for laughs)

Happy Sunday everybody!



Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost ,hope you enjoy it!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted selfies on my blog,but today I didn’t eant the post to be long as it’s Saturday and I know that some of yalls have to catch up on some of your fave shows,blogs,magazine’s and post epic pictures on Instagram. So I take some selfies while I was visiting my mother’s side of the family in Virginia,Meloding and I absolutely loved them that I put them on my Instagram first and totally forgot writting a post about them here. So forgive, I hope, I know that I say the word “HOPE” alot but this time I really,really mean it, hope you enjoy the pics!

If you interested in seeing the rest of the pictures check the rest out on my instagram (@cairo_saint)

Bye guy’s, have a great Sauturday and don’t forget…take a Gorge selfie while doing it!