Inspired By Luka Sabbat

Eversince I saw a photo of Luka on a post that my idol,Siya Beyile retweeted…I have been obessed with Luka since! I mean the guy is walking Art! His pictures are amazing,his face is to die for and his sense of style is sooo creative,I can’t even. So I decided to copy one of his […]

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Playing Dress-Up (p2)

Hey guys,so here is the other part of my “Playing Dress-Up (p2)” so if you have read the first part then this one is simply the same just with different pictures(background). But anyway here are the pictures,I hope you enjoy them: If you have gotten this far…thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed and don’t […]

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Playing Dress-Up (p1)

Hey guys sorry I’ve been soo AWOL  from Felfienet but I was busy…so don’t yall worry becos im back! So today while I was dressing up I just decided to put on an outfit and I saw that I looked pretty-well good,well in my opinion. This post will be a 2 part because some photo’s […]

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Thursday In A Few Snaps

Summer is gradually arriving but Post-Winter is taking its toll on all of us. I can’t wait to wear my colourful shorts and XL tanks! But until then…lets talk about this outfit. Since its been so rainy and I haven’t seen the sun since forever,I decided to honour the rain. I wore my favourtie blue […]

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#ootd Saturday’s

Yesterday while I was dressing I just felt like a rebel and felt abnormal,so I just wore a black oversized t-shirt that I bought I don’t know when, then put on a black jean which Im starting to get obessed with and I put on a cap then tide the outfit toghether with a small […]

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My Obession With Caps!

Eversince caps have been a must-have since 2015 and my cousin,Paul borrowed me his black cap to try on for an out-fit,I have loved caps since! I literally have 6 caps! Mostly some of them are unbranded caps and only 2 of them are branded. I have 1 blue cap,1 Mr.Price Suede cap,1 Mr.Price teared […]

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Spring Break

Yesterday it was national Casual Day and thankfully at School they said we could wear our private/casual clothes… And I decided to wear a little bit of my recycled and new clothes, so this is how I looked: I WORE COMPLETLY MR.PRICE EXCEPT FOR THE SHOE’S.  I decided to wear an XXLshirt which I bought from […]

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