Let’s talk SXVCE Clothing

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy this one!

So Summer is quickly arriving and I’ve been looking for great brands to buy from. Of course I wanted streetwear brands,that are epic and also South African youth owned…

And I FOUND SXVCE CLOTHING!  The brand is owned by Floyd Ubisi,19. He is based in Johannesburg,Benoni (Daveyton). And is also a musician…I love and have respect for musicians that have their own clothing lines and such,it is such a great way to establish yourself in both industries.Anyway coming back to the brand,summer and CLOTHES,here are some photo’s:

I cannot believe that they design such SAVAGE CLOTHES. I love how they’re clothes are such statement making pieces and unapologitic clothes,you know…in a SWAY WAY.

Sxvce clothing also sells caps,which Im really obessed with and the reason why I outlined the caps is because they also come in pink,grey and black, I think I’ll go with the pink one,also being that those colours and the caps are going to be a summmer trend,so you gotta get yourself some Sxvce caps!

They also sell Tanks,Sweaters (for the rainy day),Hoodies,Beanies and T-Shirts . The T-shirts are torn tshirts for those hot summer days when you  need a breather or you could get the tanks. And also I would suggest that if you live in South Africa, That you buy a hoodie,beanie and/or sweater,because people… pre-spring/summer is coming and there’s gonna be ALOT OF RAIN….NO JOKE!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to read the info below:








TWITTER: @sxvceclothing


Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost…hope you ENJOY

Today on Inspirational Thursday I will be feautring the very gorgeous Nozamo Mbatha!

We all know Miss Mbatha. If you live anywhere in Africa you’ll know the very goreous,hard working lady.She was born on 13 July 1990,born in KwaMashu in the ZuluLand and has turned 27. She is now also studying towards a CA qualification at the University of Cape Town,well I don’t think she needs the education because her celebertidom has set her for LIFE! But you know,Education Is Everything!

Nomzamo is well known for her role in SA’s very own Drama, Isibaya,where she played Thandeka. A beautiful girl froma rich family which get their wealth from the taxi-business and falls in love with the enemy’s son. The story is soo much fun.
Her first rise to fame was when she was a finalist in the MTV Base VJ Search in 2012 but didn’t win,but that was just the begining of the the business mogul and actress.
On her sturdy rise to fame in 2014 she was named as one of South Africa’s Sowetan Live’s Sexiest!
Her acting career has risen soo fast! She was a starring role in Umlilo which airs on Etv,also she has her OWN movie,Tell Me Sweet Something,which also stars tabloid bae, Maps Maponyane and feautres the likes of award winning actor Trevor.

I watched the movie and absolutely loved iT! But getting back to Nomzamo’s epicness. The girl is also an ambassodor for beauty brand Neutrigena SA,Puma SA and Audi SA…I mean the girl is working HARD! Those are the best and biggest brands to be the faces or ambassoder what their!

She is also breaking international boundris including attending the 2017 BET AWARDS,attending the Fenty+Puma launch,just to name a few.

There is no sight of Nomzamo Mbatha slowing down and I wish her all the best! And she must  keep on QUEENIING!

Thank you soo much for reading yet another Obessography hope you enjoyed. And don’t hesitate to share if you liked it.

Inspirational Inspirational Thursday:Bonang Matheba

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another Obessography,featuring Queen B,BONANG MATHEBA. Hope you enjoy!

Look it is no secret that im uber-obessed with Bonang. She recently turned 30 last week,had a millionaire party,guest list completed with personality’s like Nomzamo M,Pearl M,Aka and many more. Dress created by the extravangt Gert Johan-Coetzee,had camera’s flashing every where…uuuggh I die!

Some of you may or may not know her know her and im surprised that many of my cusins don’t like her’I mean how can you not like Bonang? The women who came from nothing and turned her image into a million rand empire. But for some of you who just know her for “the girl constanly appearing on our screens”. She is a Social Media personality with over 5.4 million followers on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook, a personality,radio-host and now reality tv star!

She is constanly improving and growing #BrandBonang and looking good in everything she’s doing,whether walking down the run-way,shooting or hosting,she always holds the, Must Be That African Butter.

Coming to the reality show,Being Bonang. She recently started the show which launched last week Friday and it recieved very positive reviews. I didn’t watch it because were not in DStv Premiun but on Compact. My heart was so broken,but hey I’ll just see it next year when it comes to Vuzu.tv. For those of you whoo watched,how was it? I’d be very interested to know.
What a love about her is how she’s sooooo Independant,I love women who don’t need men to pillar on. I hate when women say “But I need a man to be happy in life”. WTF? You came in this world alone,now why do you need someone else? If you feel as though otherwise don’t get mad because thats how I see things…whatever happened to Girls Run The World? This girl is running the world,how about you?

Anywho…I just wanted to share with another one of my Inspirations.


Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost. This one is not only just another post as its dedicated to my favourite menswear fashion blogger! But this post is not a biography blogpost, I mustwarn you…it’s just a obessesography,if that’s even a word.LMAO!

If you live anywhere in Africa but mostly in the Southern part of Africa you might know or maybe have had a glimpse of the 23 year old Siyabonga Beyile aka Siya Beyile.

He is my favourite fashion blogger in the whole wide world, I know that that may sound childish but he really is! He is the founder and creative director of The Threaded Man, Afirica’s largest fashion and lifestyle portal in Africa. 

I fell obessed with him shortly after I saw him on the Laduma By MaXhosa’s instagrams page and saw his picture and quickly went to his own page and saw his AMAZING PICTURES! When I say Amazing, I mean Stratosphere Amazing,out of this world! After that I’ve fallen with him and his businesses ever since.

His tweets are neat,his Instagram is lit,The Threaded Man is dapper and his personal style is to die for! 

After I’ve recently watched My World on SABC 1 after 1’s and 2’s was cancelled and I read the banner that said,I qoute “Please notice that 1’s and 2’s will be cancelled for a new episode of My World featuring Siya Beyile”, after my heart melted! I was so excited for the show that I couldn’t wait for Generations and all the other episodes that I forget as time goes to get over and done. 

And finally…it was South African Fashion Menswear Boss time! I sat their in my Ackermans PJ’S alone in the cloud lounge of my Grandmother’s house and watched the episode. The whole thing was Super-Exciting,he talked about all of his successes and failures,how he failed fashion school and I qoute he said “Fashion School was actually the worst for me” which I was surprised because he is like a fashion god in Madiba Land. But I slowly understood that he didn’t want to become a designer,the next Tom Ford but the new Siya Beyile.

He also talked about the start-up of The Threaded Man and pits of it all and also showed us where he and his business partners went to work,which I personally called “The Threaded Office”. I was soooooo inspired by how they sat down with all the laptops,phones and ideas dropping of all of them,which I wish to achieve someday for Felfienet.

The story of Siya was so inspiring that I wish I also have such a massive and always evolving business but anyway, all is due in time.

And to my Blogger/Business Icon… Thank you for being such an inspiration to the young black creatives!

I’ll leave you guy’s with this amazing picture:

Thank you guys for stopping by and Meneer Siya if you ever get to read this, How You Zzoing?

SwEarf Wear 

Hey guys its Cairo here,with another blogpost, hope you enjoy it!

Monday while I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw such an amazing photo of a cap posted by (skinny hopsen) and I quickly went to his account to see the other pictures of the clothing. And to my surprise…He was part of the brand! At first I thought it was just another Nike ad but it was a South African Youth Owned, #YesWeCan!

I quickly contacted him to see if we could work on a collaboration. At first I thought that he wouldnt respond back…but he did and he agreed,my cousin actually recommended me to him seeing that his is like a Faleb on Facebook. So moving on this is not just another sponsored post,in fact I didnt actually charge,because I  liked his brand and clothing. Plus im just starting out,who im I to charge people?

(R700, Limited Edition)

These jerseys which I absolutely love and adore, I love them because they have a pinch of Yeezy S2 and a whole lot of Streetstyle. Seeing as streetstyle and retro fashion is emerging,these jersey’s are a complete NEED! Plus in Madidba Land (South Africa) we are currently experiencing WINTER. So it could workout both ways. 


These T-Shirts are a great investment. The one thing that I love is quality at 150. For me its great cause I always have to shop at a budget,as my farther is very strict on how we spend money. Also because its a trend that has been going on for 2 years,with celebrities such as Chris Brown,Jason Darulo and local celebs such as Maps Maponyane wear it constanly,so I dont see the shirt or trend fading soon.


As you may or not know, I am obessed with BOMBERS! Like I said in my last post, I love how they can give you the Justin Bieber effect,without all the expensive clothes. I personally think,again that its streetstyle and winter clothingat the same time,so its a GREAT investment.


To tell you the truth,I have mixed feelings about Jean Jackets. I love them but at the same time I dont think that they’re IDEAL for winter,for those who want to try/buy them I would advice you to buy them in spring/summer that would be an ideal time,but if you want to look GOOOOD during winter,you gotta check them out!




Facebook page:SwEarf Wear 

Personal Facebook Acc:Skinnyboy Hopsen


Thank you so much for stopping by and remenber have a epic winter cause im having a SwEarf winter 😂.And for those in the Northen Hemisphere, have a great Summer.Bye guys,have a great day/night.



So my mom,Nono Magade Sello,43,who is absolutlely my fashion idol.I mean she makes 40 look GOOD. She recentley rebranded  her flourist business Nono S Flower Decor  which she started in 2013. I have been asking her frequently about if she needed exposure for the business but she has been quietly deining. I asked her to start a website with the faboulos wordpress and also have a social media presence because thats how you start or establish your business these days.Or is it wrong for the “child” to encourage his mother to start a business or help her out with something, because I also want to start a business, maybe try it at 16.

Anyway let me show you some of the projects she is working on for a wedding in October,I  literally forced her to take picures.


Bye guys ❤.