The B&W Filter My New Fav!

Whilst in Kroonstad last week,visiting for the December School Holidays ,I asked my younger brother Pule to take pictures of me in the backyard of my Aunts house. Once we finnished taking the pictures I quickly uploaded them onto my phone and edited them with the Adobe PhotoShop app.It was actuallymy first time using  the […]

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My Blogging Journey So Far!

Eversince I decided to leave Rugby from the beggining of this year and started to focus more on what I want to do in the future,I have been so HAPPY! In January I decided to start a blog that particularly talks about fashion,not just another mens wear blog,OOTD blog or beauty blog but a streetwear […]

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Your Surrondings Matter!

Creativity in South Africa is slowly but rapidly being accepted,in other places like the ever so vibrant Braamfontein that is full of creative people ranging from musicians,artists,photographers,flimmakers etc. The place is full of creativity but there are other places in Madiba Land that are not so full of creativity or even vibrancy and sometimes there are […]

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Inspired By Luka Sabbat

Eversince I saw a photo of Luka on a post that my idol,Siya Beyile retweeted…I have been obessed with Luka since! I mean the guy is walking Art! His pictures are amazing,his face is to die for and his sense of style is sooo creative,I can’t even. So I decided to copy one of his […]

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Okay guys,I often debate with my cousins over Street Culture In SA and they often tell me that its WACK! I mean in my opinion I think that the culture in sa is at an infant stage where we are wondering wether if its a boy or a girl.Sometimes we often especially in SA we […]


The Xhosa Doek

The Xhosa have fascinated me for the longest time ever,seeing designers such as MaXhosa and creatives such as Siya Beyile,also my mother embracing the culture has made me love it even more! I am not Xhosa my self,Im proudly Sotho but my mothers side of the family is. The other reason which inspired me to […]

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Saint Photographies!

Hey guys,so I forgot to tell you guys that I recently bought a camera. It is a Nikon L840 and may I tell you it’s so EPIC! Doing photography has been on my mind for the longest time,eversince I downloaded some podcasts on Cliffcentral’s Threaded Exchange which is a podcast run by Siya Beyile and […]

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Playing Dress-Up (p2)

Hey guys,so here is the other part of my “Playing Dress-Up (p2)” so if you have read the first part then this one is simply the same just with different pictures(background). But anyway here are the pictures,I hope you enjoy them: If you have gotten this far…thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed and don’t […]

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