Saturday Outfit+Adidas Torsion

Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy it!

So originally I had said that this post would be “Torsion my style” but yesterday I couldn’t take alot of photo’s of different clothes because it was drizzling and from the afternoon and we had no sunlight,just clouds! I couldn’t even take slefies.

But fortunately I was able to take a few snaps before it blacked out,and I downloaded this gorgeous app at the PlayStore which is called BeautyPlus. It is such a great app to edit and take photo’s with,especially selfies. And I edited the photo’s with  the app just to lighten them a bit (sorry if some places are blurry):

While I was putting toghether the outfit I felt like “Kanye West”,so basically a felt trashy and streetwear but with also keeping the outfit clean. I wore my maroon cap because Im obessed with caps nowadays with an over-sized t-shirt which I bought late last  year paired it with a blue jean,hence it  was cloudy and yes of course tied the whole outfit with the Torsions! And I felt sooo CONFIDENT! 

Hope you enjoyed this post check my instagram for more (@cairo_saint)…BYE GUYS.


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