Music Influences My Outfit

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy this one!

It’s no secret that music has been the biggest influencer of fashion and many of peopel’s outfits. Since Hip-Hops sub-catergory,Trap has been or has had such respons and exposure,fashion has taken rather a Hip turn. But also there are other areas in fashion that don’take nothing from Hip-Hop,they are more influenced by R’nb, Country Music etc.

So here’s 5 songs that a play when wearing which outfit. (no pictures)

Hozier-Take me to church

I have been the biggest fan of Hozier ever since I heard this song. It’s soo deep,emotinally and loud,not rock and roll loud just vibey loud. Now this song I aline it with a long white shirt hence “Take me to church”,some black jeans so the look,looks edgy and some low cut sneakers,white sneakers and comb my hear.

Hozier-Work song

Now this song I absolutely love. It’s soooo deep you’d cry if you were an emotinally person. With the song being so deep, I would wear all BLACK. BLACK EVERYTHING!   


Those two songs are not up for this discussion because they’re both BOSS! I love how they both say so loudly that “WOMEN ARE BOSSES!” Now with this I would wear a super SICK  bomber,some nike air max sneakers,Black! Over-sized yellow shirt and a cap titled Cairo!

Cassper Nyovest-Tito Mboweni

Because this song is sooo flashsy,loud and luxurious. This outfit will be a wishlist outfit. Okay…I would wear a Kappa trucksuit,some very expensive Gucci shoe’s,a Prada bag  and some a SICK  Gucci cap with Calvin Klein socks if they make them,also pairing them a the new Rolex.

Nasty C-UOK

 I love how emotional this song is,and I also love that Nasty C didn’t have all those half naked girls,expensive alcohol and expensive cars in the video . And he didn’t talk about how rich he is and how much his grill is worth…blah,blah etc.To tell you the truth I don’t really think he is like that,I think he only puts up a front so people can see him as the Future version of South Africa. But anywho coming back to the song and outfit,because it talks about mom,I would wear ALL WHITE because you know…MOM.

Now you guys of seen some of my favourite songs that influence my outfit’s, don’t be afraid to comment and share your favourite songs, bye guys.  


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