#TTG: Shoe Problems

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost on THE TALL GUY,hope you enjoy this one.

As a tall guy sometimes when someone asks at the shop “Ooh what’s your  shoe size?”, I get sooo, I mean soo uber-embarrassed!

I get that it’s normal for the shop people to ask you that but they won’t understand it’s tall people problems. But don’t get me wrong…I LOVE SHOES! Specially sneakers, sneakers by Adidas,Nike,Puma,Cutty and New Balance.

Factors Influencing My Sneaker Game:

Shoe Price:

Now people if you live anywhere in South Africa or foriegn countries from where shoe’s are originally from,then you’ll know that shoe’s are stupendiously priced! Yeezy’s in Trump Land are allegdly $100-350,here in Madiba land…oh it’s HUGE!(R1000-2400) Now you see my point? Sometimes Kanye West or Rihanna will release faboulousy gorge shoe’s,through Adidas and Puma. But I can’t buy them because they’re Uber-Expensive!


As a tall kid,teenager and person, I often find myself not able to buy shoe’s because they don’t fit me. My latest “shoe-size problem” was with my Adidas Torsion’s. I had,had the hugest crush on those shoe’s since last year November. But I was discourged to buy them because they would be enourmously LONG! Sometimes shoe’s can be really SICK,GORGE AND MANYEKE (as my durban friends say) But the only down fall of the shoe will be that they are long. So that’s why I have problems when shoe shopping. Who can relate?

If you’ve gotten this far, thank you so,so much.Don’t forget to like,share and comment if you’d like some help or  if you’ve had any of those “Tall Problems”,bye.


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