Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy!

Last week I was talking about going Vans hunting with my mother,but I didn’t find the Vans that I wanted and bought a Nike Air Max,but geeez…the damn thing didnt fit me. So my mother went back on Monday and got me a Adidas Torsion (size 9,its…BIG)

The shoe is really,really comfy and I can walk for long distances with them and my feet don’t get sore!

But the one thing that Im having a problem with is that their still “Trendy Shoe’s”,look I don’t I love the shoe’s but I don’t like buying shoe’s just because their on trend. Because I know well that 6months later Kanye will be releasing shoe’s and I’ll forget about my new shoe’s and buy trendy shoe’s.
But the other reason why I bought them is because TotalSports had a faboulos sale on selected shoe’sincluding Nike,Puma and Adidas. Like it was almost 50% sale and how I loved it!

Also while I was fitting my shoe’s the tiller suggested that I buy this spray that keeps your shoe’s from losing it’s colour after washing it,like my Vans did and he also offered me to buy another spray from keeping your new sneakers from stinking,but I chose the first spray which they both are purchasable for R80.

On my next post I’ll be styling the shoe’s with my clothes titled “Torsion My Outfit”,so I hope you enjoy this one and the following one,thank you for reading.

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