Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost aka an Obessography of South African indivuals who inspire me in the fashion world.

So as most of you guys may know if you have been scrolling down my blog you may have seen that I last posted last week Thursday. But the problem is that school is open and im still figuring out my schedule for blogging ,hope you enjoy this one!

Soooo again this weekly obessesography will be feautring Masego Maps Maphonyane . If you live anywhere in South Africa or Southern Africa you may know or have heard a glimpse of the name Maps. You know Woolworths hunk,Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Man In Madidba Land,Prensenter and Fashion Week Guru,just to name a few.

Now as you may know he is the son of football legend Marks Maphonyane. At first I thought that he’d go into football like his farther…you know “Like Farther Like Son”…uuugggh how I hate that expression. But anywho he decided to take a different route at the post age of college and ventured into “MODELLING”!

Some poeple might know him as the gorgeous actress’s, Nomzamo Mbatha who will be feautred in next week’s post,you might know him as her bae. But what I love about him is that he was able to pull away from the whole your famouse because of her scandal and was able to take his own shine.  But this is not a Gossip site so ssshhh! Maps is also one of the people or factors that influenced me to love the whole fashion world,be interested in modelling even though I couldn’t find a agency because they charge HIGH! And he also influenced me to always DRESS TO IMPRESS! Just look at that:

BYE guys and im sorry for being absent.


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