4 Accesories You need this Summer!

Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost hope you enjoy it!

So if you have been reading my blog you may know 4 is the keyword! I’ve been complieng a list of things that you need for this Summer and I hope that you get them! Some may be found at expensive stores but the rest you can find just under R200,so here it is:

1.Small Backpack

I have loved fashionable backpacks since I don’t know when. Im a person that carries alot of things around,like cellphones,tablet,powerbank etc. So I love that I can put all my devices in the bag and carry it or carry it on my back,put on a #ootd and look GOOD!


If you read Felfienet you may know that I have an obession with caps. And Im sure you have one as well,because it’s summer,it’s going to hot and you don’t want to loose your complexion,then honey…I suggest that you get yourself a cap! Ooh and also look fashionable while protecting your complexion,plus caps are a huge trend,especially bright coloured ones.


Shades are a MUST HAVE IN  SUMMER! They tie an outfit toghether so nicely,they could even make you look and feel like Kim K,Kylie Jenner or if your a guy, Tom Cruise!


I have been a fan of this accesory every since my cousin gave me one like this but mine was brown. These I absolutely love and I think they are going to become a NEED! So get yourself one or even 5,to switch around with or even mix and match.

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it!



Sorry I have been absent from Felfienet for a whole week but I was just caught up with school and evrything…but don’t you worry because Im BACK!

Summer is quickly arriving and Im jotting down some tech gadgets and clothes that you and I need for this summer and today I will be talking about the technology.

I’ve complied a list of  4 things that you must have:


If you are a person that loves taking pictures and you always constantly want to improve them,then a camera is a great fit for you! I haven’t bought one yet but I’ve been asking my farther for the longest time, so maybe he’ll buy it this August or September.Buying a camera could actually help you in the long run if you want your social media accounts to always stay on point and it’s a very good fit for bloggers and the obvious reason,photographers.

2.Selfie stick

Whether you are not a camera guy but rather a selfie person,then please…YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE!A selfie stick can improve your selfie game,it’s also great for those adventure pictures or big group pictures.


We all know that Summer brings out the laziness in us,the heat and everything! So if you can cough up maybe about a thousand or so,then yeah,you need this. What I personally love about it is that it elavted walking.Now you can put on a great outfit,hop on the board and look stylish while doing!

4.Drone/Selfie drone

Drones have been a need from 2015 untill now. They are such a great playtoy and now a fantastic photo taker! You can now play with your drone and take great aireal pictures at the same time!

Thank you soo much for reading this post,hope you enjoyed!

Summer,how many minutes till you get here?

Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy it!

Im still amazed by how fast this Winter went past us. It was March a few days ago and now its Mid-August? WOW!

In my mind I still consider August as Spring but scientists say otherwise. Maybe because why im soo excited for Summer is that I get to go shopping,shopping and oh did I mention Shopping! Of course if my parents can coff up the Moola,then I’ll be fine.

My shopping period will start next, I’ve been eye-balling some shops that sell uberly gorgeous and retro streetstyle clothing such as Mr.Price,Edgars,Markham and Sportscene. I was so astonished when I went this morning to Woolworths and  saw streetstyle clothing! LIKE IT WAS BAZAAR!

I normally think of Woolworths as a shop for the Upper-Elite…You know those people with children saying, “Daddy these underwear cost R450,this dress R500 AND this bag R600…so Im going to take them” Then the Farther says, “Wasn’t there something more expensive?”

Maybe it’s my perspective of the shop… But I still love Woolies otherwise,and I love it even more now that they have streetstyle clothing!

Coming back to Summer… I am so excited for it! The shopping,parties and selfies!

Let’s talk SXVCE Clothing

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy this one!

So Summer is quickly arriving and I’ve been looking for great brands to buy from. Of course I wanted streetwear brands,that are epic and also South African youth owned…

And I FOUND SXVCE CLOTHING!  The brand is owned by Floyd Ubisi,19. He is based in Johannesburg,Benoni (Daveyton). And is also a musician…I love and have respect for musicians that have their own clothing lines and such,it is such a great way to establish yourself in both industries.Anyway coming back to the brand,summer and CLOTHES,here are some photo’s:

I cannot believe that they design such SAVAGE CLOTHES. I love how they’re clothes are such statement making pieces and unapologitic clothes,you know…in a SWAY WAY.

Sxvce clothing also sells caps,which Im really obessed with and the reason why I outlined the caps is because they also come in pink,grey and black, I think I’ll go with the pink one,also being that those colours and the caps are going to be a summmer trend,so you gotta get yourself some Sxvce caps!

They also sell Tanks,Sweaters (for the rainy day),Hoodies,Beanies and T-Shirts . The T-shirts are torn tshirts for those hot summer days when you  need a breather or you could get the tanks. And also I would suggest that if you live in South Africa, That you buy a hoodie,beanie and/or sweater,because people… pre-spring/summer is coming and there’s gonna be ALOT OF RAIN….NO JOKE!

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to read the info below:








TWITTER: @sxvceclothing

Saturday Outfit+Adidas Torsion

Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy it!

So originally I had said that this post would be “Torsion my style” but yesterday I couldn’t take alot of photo’s of different clothes because it was drizzling and from the afternoon and we had no sunlight,just clouds! I couldn’t even take slefies.

But fortunately I was able to take a few snaps before it blacked out,and I downloaded this gorgeous app at the PlayStore which is called BeautyPlus. It is such a great app to edit and take photo’s with,especially selfies. And I edited the photo’s with  the app just to lighten them a bit (sorry if some places are blurry):

While I was putting toghether the outfit I felt like “Kanye West”,so basically a felt trashy and streetwear but with also keeping the outfit clean. I wore my maroon cap because Im obessed with caps nowadays with an over-sized t-shirt which I bought late last  year paired it with a blue jean,hence it  was cloudy and yes of course tied the whole outfit with the Torsions! And I felt sooo CONFIDENT! 

Hope you enjoyed this post check my instagram for more (@cairo_saint)…BYE GUYS.


Hey guys its Cairo here with another blogpost…hope you ENJOY

Today on Inspirational Thursday I will be feautring the very gorgeous Nozamo Mbatha!

We all know Miss Mbatha. If you live anywhere in Africa you’ll know the very goreous,hard working lady.She was born on 13 July 1990,born in KwaMashu in the ZuluLand and has turned 27. She is now also studying towards a CA qualification at the University of Cape Town,well I don’t think she needs the education because her celebertidom has set her for LIFE! But you know,Education Is Everything!

Nomzamo is well known for her role in SA’s very own Drama, Isibaya,where she played Thandeka. A beautiful girl froma rich family which get their wealth from the taxi-business and falls in love with the enemy’s son. The story is soo much fun.
Her first rise to fame was when she was a finalist in the MTV Base VJ Search in 2012 but didn’t win,but that was just the begining of the the business mogul and actress.
On her sturdy rise to fame in 2014 she was named as one of South Africa’s Sowetan Live’s Sexiest!
Her acting career has risen soo fast! She was a starring role in Umlilo which airs on Etv,also she has her OWN movie,Tell Me Sweet Something,which also stars tabloid bae, Maps Maponyane and feautres the likes of award winning actor Trevor.

I watched the movie and absolutely loved iT! But getting back to Nomzamo’s epicness. The girl is also an ambassodor for beauty brand Neutrigena SA,Puma SA and Audi SA…I mean the girl is working HARD! Those are the best and biggest brands to be the faces or ambassoder what their!

She is also breaking international boundris including attending the 2017 BET AWARDS,attending the Fenty+Puma launch,just to name a few.

There is no sight of Nomzamo Mbatha slowing down and I wish her all the best! And she must  keep on QUEENIING!

Thank you soo much for reading yet another Obessography hope you enjoyed. And don’t hesitate to share if you liked it.

Music Influences My Outfit

Hey guys it’s Cairo here with another blogpost,hope you enjoy this one!

It’s no secret that music has been the biggest influencer of fashion and many of peopel’s outfits. Since Hip-Hops sub-catergory,Trap has been or has had such respons and exposure,fashion has taken rather a Hip turn. But also there are other areas in fashion that don’take nothing from Hip-Hop,they are more influenced by R’nb, Country Music etc.

So here’s 5 songs that a play when wearing which outfit. (no pictures)

Hozier-Take me to church

I have been the biggest fan of Hozier ever since I heard this song. It’s soo deep,emotinally and loud,not rock and roll loud just vibey loud. Now this song I aline it with a long white shirt hence “Take me to church”,some black jeans so the look,looks edgy and some low cut sneakers,white sneakers and comb my hear.

Hozier-Work song

Now this song I absolutely love. It’s soooo deep you’d cry if you were an emotinally person. With the song being so deep, I would wear all BLACK. BLACK EVERYTHING!   


Those two songs are not up for this discussion because they’re both BOSS! I love how they both say so loudly that “WOMEN ARE BOSSES!” Now with this I would wear a super SICK  bomber,some nike air max sneakers,Black! Over-sized yellow shirt and a cap titled Cairo!

Cassper Nyovest-Tito Mboweni

Because this song is sooo flashsy,loud and luxurious. This outfit will be a wishlist outfit. Okay…I would wear a Kappa trucksuit,some very expensive Gucci shoe’s,a Prada bag  and some a SICK  Gucci cap with Calvin Klein socks if they make them,also pairing them a the new Rolex.

Nasty C-UOK

 I love how emotional this song is,and I also love that Nasty C didn’t have all those half naked girls,expensive alcohol and expensive cars in the video . And he didn’t talk about how rich he is and how much his grill is worth…blah,blah etc.To tell you the truth I don’t really think he is like that,I think he only puts up a front so people can see him as the Future version of South Africa. But anywho coming back to the song and outfit,because it talks about mom,I would wear ALL WHITE because you know…MOM.

Now you guys of seen some of my favourite songs that influence my outfit’s, don’t be afraid to comment and share your favourite songs, bye guys.